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It’s time for Hodgson to go by lfctalk
October 17, 2010, 14:48
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Yep, I am already advocating that Roy Hodgson be sacked as Liverpool manager.

I was never confident by his appointment and am witnessing an even worse outcome from his appointment than I expected. I believed that we would struggle under his management, but I did not think we’d be nineteenth after eight games with just one scraped win.

That statistic says it all – one win in eight games for a team containing the likes of Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Joe Cole and Pepe Reina. We should be doing better than that but the players just don’t look motivated – they look shockingly low on confidence. That is where Hodgson comes in. He should be building them up and getting them psychologically primed for matches – not that they should need much building up for a Merseyside derby.

The signings Hodgson made in the Summer have had practically zero impact on the side. Joe Cole looked a marquee signing, but he has been obsolete so far this season. Paul Konchesky is as out of his depth as his manager and Christian Poulsen looks every bit as inconsequential in midfield as Lucas. Raul Meireles has looked bright, at times, but at £11m you would expect at least that much.

Hodgson failed spectacularly by not signing another striker in the Summer. David N’Gog is simply not good enough to be regularly appearing for Liverpool. He’s barely up to being fourth choice for a club of this stature, and yet he is the only backup to an out of form and injury prone Torres. The shocking lack of quality is only further highlighted by N’Gog’s presence in the squad. Torres knows his place is under absolutely no threat, so he doesn’t have to play for his spot in the team, but he shouldn’t have one on this form. But who would put in N’Gog ahead of one of the best strikers in the world?

The defence looks atrocious this season. Jamie Carragher is on the downward spiral and is not being well supported by Martin Skrtel or Soitiros Kyrgiakos. Daniel Agger is a class act, but he has either been injured or overlooked for much of this season, strangely. The Dane is considerably more able a player than the aforementioned two, but Hodgson seems not to favour him. Glen Johnson has been woeful this season, but is another with no competition for his place. His counterpart on the left looks a signing made out of familiarity and a low budget by Hodgson, with Konchesky miles off the required standard.

While Hodgson hasn’t had much money to spend, having to sell to buy, he hasn’t looked like a manager with any burning passion or understanding of what this job entails. He is the physical embodiment of our current form – he looks beaten, worried and out of ideas on the touchline. He is not a character that inspires any kind of inspiration or confidence in me as a supporter and I am not surprised that he cannot get his players organised and motivated either.

Another worrying aspect of his arrival at the club is how much it cost us to sack Rafa Benitez and pay off Fulham – a staggering £11m in total. Just how is trading a Champions League winning manager for a journeyman veteran worthwhile – especially at that price? Could this club afford to make that move? No. But the clash of characters are disastrous slide to seventh last season meant that Benitez was a cert to go. But why go out and spend a further £3m on a risk like Hodgson when Kenny Dalglish was available for nothing?

The Scot understands that club and is a figure that would surely inspire even the lowest player in our squad. He is the greatest player, officially, to ever wear the Red shirt and should have been treated with more respect by the board when tendering his interest in the role that he left in 1991. He has unfinished business here and should be installed as boss at the first opportunity by the new owners.

Should NESV be willing to provide transfer funds of any considerable value in January, then Hodgson is not the man that should be handed that kitty. He looks woefully out of his depth at this level and clearly does not have the reputation or pull to bring in quality players to a club that has so clearly fallen from grace.

John Henry and his group will hopefully realise today that they have much work, and spending, to do to take this club back to anywhere near the level we were a few years ago – and the first bit of business should be to replace Roy Hodgson at the first opportunity.


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i agree that give it to kenny and stop the rot.We look awful and why in gods name is maxi,lucas and johnson on the field.torres is jaded and the support he gets is the same if playing for stoke or bolton.All said the formation is wrong and the manager is wrong.But when he goes so should half of this absolutely crap bunch of players who dont even LOOK LIKE THEY ARE PLAYING FOR MY BELOVED LIVERPOOL F.C.

Comment by PETE DAWSON

They should never have hired him!!!!.

What have he done before!. Fullham! is a joke.

Sack him and get manager that knows what the hell hi is doing!.

Comment by ac

i agree and at the final whistle hodgson;s smile looked like a man who wasnt upset enough after losing a derby.

Comment by phil


Comment by ali


Comment by SALMAN

15 players went to world cup, why the hell cant he do better, how many of blackpool went? would kenny be the man?

Comment by phil

martin oneill?

Comment by phil

dodgy hodgy

Comment by robin

Disgusting attitde by Hogson at the final whistle .

Comment by Robin

Hodgie Needs To go!

Comment by Jodie

Kenny Is The Man For LFC

Comment by Philie

Hogson : Walk Alone

Comment by At

On Your Way Hodgie Lad

Comment by At

Go Hodgie Your Work Here Is Done.

Comment by by by by

Move out of ma lovely club before I hang maself becouse your not a class of liverpool may be fulham pack before to late*****

Comment by Mark Magimbi

Hodgson is not a Benitez,Houllier,or in a billion years a José. He is a Souness though…and by letting his most creative player leave on loan,he has shot himself in the foot… Get over the fact that he’s English and sack him… Liverpool has always played the Liverpool way,never the English way…so we don’t need a home grown coach…what a shame…the guy looks confused at every match…thanks for coming Roy and go well mate…

Comment by Shalen

he was appointed by h&g now there gone he should follow 2nd from bottom humiliated in the derby an he’s smiling after the final whistle gutted we got rid of raffa for this pigeon faced clown

Comment by scouse jay


Comment by by by by

sack him now before we go down. glen johnson wasn’t playing today ether. i think we wil get beat in europe, but we will win the next two premership games and that might save him. i would like to see kenny back at the rains but he will need a strong number 2 “roy evens” or phill tomson. ROY HAS GOT THE TEAM RONG AGIN GET RID PLEASE .PLEASE ROY WALK ON

Comment by stee

Time to look for another manager. Perhaps Guus Hiddink, or as we called him Aussie Guus, as Aussies took to him as one of our own. He did rather well with our Aussie socceroos, who had only three or four decent players, and yet performed admirably in only our second ever world cup, in Germany. Time to say G’day to Hiddink.

Comment by Kevin Leverment

Go hoddy go,its time for you to go

Comment by Francis

He was not the right man for the job from the start, Liverpool is way to big for him!!!

Comment by ferlyn

The problem is bigger than the manager we currently have. And yes, I also think he was a stop gap solution. We started blaming the previous owners, rightfully so, now they are gone. We now move on to the manager and when he’s gone, then the players. We have average and mediocre players in the squad, with no match winners. Some of the players yesterday seemed to have no concept of the magnitude of the derby, and truly do not live the die hard Liverpool way. Ineffective attack, midfield all over the place, long balls that Torres must chase and holdup, no all out wing players, most attacks coming from the centre…no ideas and strategy coming from off the field. We need to build a totally new team, retaining only Gerard and Reina, write off this season but try and salvage some dignity. January needs to come quickly…

Comment by v!x

I agree that Hodgson has a lot to do with our downfall. However, look at the team? There are several class players in the team, none apart from Stevie is giving their all. HodGson took over a team that already lacked depth. We were already over reliant on Stevie and Torress. With Masch leaving, the money that would have paid for a striker ended up buyin Meires an Paulson. Meires seem a potential, Paulson waste of ti

Comment by Lars Dunn

if he was at any other top club in europe he would be gone “fact” we have got to replace him before its to late chelski got rid of scolari spurs got rid of ramos city got rid of hughes would he stil be in the job at inter juve barca real madrid lyon bayern ajax benfica the answer is hell no HODGSON OUT!

Comment by scouse jay

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