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Tom Hicks hits back at Liverpool by lfctalk
October 15, 2010, 22:49
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Tom Hicks has hit out at former Reds boss Rafael Benitez, claiming that the Spaniard wasted millions in the transfer market – and that his hands were never tied by financial constraint.

The American, along with former Liverpool co-owner George Gillett, have tried to contest through every legal venue to stop New England Sports Ventures from purchasing the Anfield outfit.

Hicks and Gillett may have dropped their proceedings in a Texan court for £1bn of damages, but they appear to be planning to go back to the High Court to reveal “the truth”, as Hicks stated to Sky Sports News.

In an exclusive interview from his Dallas offices, the American claimed that the media have misrepresented him and Gillett and got many statistics wrong.

“We spent £300million on players, £150m net – I think it’s the second or third highest in the English Premier League,” he said..

“You never read about that in the media.”

He continued to blame the departed Benitez for the downfall which saw Liverpool slip from Premiership runners-up to seventh place, no Champions League football and a current position of eighteenth in the league.

“I read a very interesting article in which Alex Ferguson said Rafa had more money to spend than the rest of us, he just bought bad players.”

“Rafa lost the club. We didn’t finish at the top – that’s not the fault of the owners, we spent good money. Rafa has to take accountability for his own results.”

“When we finished second the year before, people weren’t nearly as angry. Liverpool fans are just unbelievably strong supporters and they want to win.”

The Texan also went on to explain how this loss has affected him and his family: “It’s hurt my family tremendously. This is a valuable asset that has been swindled away from me in an epic swindle. I’m very angry about it.”

While admitting that the sale of the club was inevitable, he went on to pan NESV and their chances of taking Liverpool to “where they belong”.

“I accepted the club would be sold in April,” he continued. “We know there are better owners around the world to own Liverpool than the Boston Red Sox group.”

“The right owner would have paid Gillett and Hicks a fair price, and had the resources to buy players and build a better stadium.”

Hicks continued to say that he did not understand why he and his partner Gillett were so unpopular with the Anfield faithful.

“I really can’t [understand fans’ anger]…I’ve been in the sports business for nearly 15 years.”

Furhter claims were made by Hicks that he and Gillett had the money lined up to repay RBS today and end the debt at the club – but were denied any chance to do so.

He said: “I can’t get into details but I can confirm, yes, we did have the money to pay off RBS in its entirety.”

The American has not given up on recouping some of the money he lost in the sale to NESV by returning with a claim that hinges on his “truth”.

“I just want the truth to come out in the courts, and I want the fans…to not think of Tom Hicks the way some of them do.”


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Good luck Tom. I hope that you enjoy the alternate universe that you reside in. Please keep the rest of us out of this fake world of yours.

Comment by John K

£300million gross on players? Tom-the-bare-face-liar is quite incredible. Let’s see: Torres, Keane, Aqua, Johnson–20m x 4 = 80m. These biggest buys accounted at least 80% of Rafa’s spending in 3.5yrs under Hicks. Where did the 280m pound go? On which players? Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt, Crouch, Bellamy…were bought before your time, Mr. Hicks. Please just go and don’t take us for a fool. Enough already!

Comment by steve

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