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Owen “clung to hope” of playing for United one day by lfctalk
July 6, 2009, 08:45
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Former Anfield hero Michael Owen has said that he “always clung to that hope” that he would one day play for rivals Manchester United.

“Manchester United, you automatically think winners, you think trophies, you think the stadium, the massive fan base, but until you sign you don’t really let yourself get carried away,” said Owen.

“There’s so many top players here, obviously it’s a very exciting time for me.”

“Right throughout the squad they are obviously a fantastic team with fantastic players, that’s why they’ve all won so much throughout their careers, and hopefully I can jump on the bandwagon, score a few goals, and help us to further success.”

Having played for Liverpool, where he won European Footballer of the Year in 2001, and Real Madrid, for one brief season, Owen is used to being surrounded by top talent – despite playing for a mediocre, and relegated, Newcastle United.

Owen, who had been linked with modest clubs such as Hull, Stoke and Burnley, admits that he did not expect United to come knocking.

“A few days ago I never really had it in my wildest dreams,” said Owen.

“I probably won’t sleep at night thinking about all the top players I’m going to be playing alongside, so there’s a lot to think about and a lot to get excited about.”

Owen will also benefit from the full backing of Ferguson, having known for some time his new manager was an admirer of his talents.

“In the last few years I had an idea that the manager obviously thought I had something, so I always clung to that hope that he would ask me to come and play for him one day,” he added.

“I’m not silly, I know there will be some people saying maybe the manager shouldn’t have signed me.”

“That gradually goes in time and as soon as the first game kicks off, I can do my talking on the pitch.”


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My affection for michael Owen died the day he decided to run his contract out and effectively screw our beloved club out of £25 million which we could have used to replace him! Now dont get me wrong any player is allowed to leave, if he had made his feelings known and gone 18 months earlier and we would have got a good transfer fee in return he would have gone with my best wishes, BUT he never! So that greedy little bastard can sign for Manure (where his diving will be appreciated) because quite frankly proper Liverpool fans dont give a shit anymore! YNWA

Comment by Roxy

Well said Roxy, can’t say anything more, or maybe one thing. Did this lad really lived and played through our academy?!!! I think Rafa and Dalglish have alot to teach our academy players in the future.

Comment by Mamoon Tayih

what a cnut

Comment by stuart

OK Roxy …. it was common knowledge that Newcastle had the chance to sit down at the negotiating table with Owen all last season. Your chairman and owner didn’t do it … which is like saying we’re releasing you Owen, we don’t want you Owen ….. then Newcastle started to head for the drop zone and when that happened …. Owen deserved to be laughing at you after the way he’d been treated by the Club.

Even Shearer wouldn’t comment on Owen’s future – and that’s a mate of his.

Comment by Arsenal1Again

So lets be honest here. From a Newcastle point of view, there was no thoughts that they would be playing in the Championship this season, and so any idea that they would’ve sold their flawed crown jewel is laughable. From a Liverpool point of view, I doubt he ever imagined Rafa would turn up and immediately decide to sell him. But he did…

From Owen’s point of view, he’s a desperate man. Once the number 1 striker in the world, coveted by the best clubs in Europe, he suddenly finds himself in a situation where the only clubs with a declared interest in him and Hull City and Stoke City, and any hopes of playing in the 2010 World Cup are all but gone. And then, you get a call from the current league champions. “We want you to play for us.” I doubt he even gave it a second thought.

Now if he’d left us to go straight to Man U – well now there’s a different story. But he left 5 years ago. Rafa doesn’t want him back – and faced with a similar choice I may well have done the same thing.

Sorry guys, but I wish him well. YNWA.

Comment by Aaron

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