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Allardyce joins Ferguson in Rafa attack by lfctalk
April 17, 2009, 13:56
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Sam Allardyce has joined Alex Ferguson in his verbal assault on Rafael Benitez.

Allardyce has accused the Spaniard of being ‘disrespectful’ and ‘humiliating’ over gestures he made on the touchline after Fernando Torres had given the Reds a 2-0 lead last Saturday.

Television replays showed Benitez shrugged his shoulders and then crossed his hands, which Allardyce believes was an indication that the game was over – with an hour still to play.

The Blackburn boss claims he sought a discussion with Benitez over the incident after the final whistle, but could not get in touch with his opposite number.

“It’s not out of our system for two reasons. One is the disappointment at the way the team performed. I know we had a lot of injuries on the day, but I still felt that we should have gone there and done better than we did.” he told Sky Sports.

“And two, is the unfortunate gestures from Rafa Benitez after the second goal. I wanted to clarify his gestures. I think you’ll see them as pretty dismissive to me and to Blackburn Rovers’ team as a whole.”

“I think they are disrespectful and quite humiliating.”

“I waited to have a word with Rafa Benitez in his room after the game but as usual, and unfortunately, he didn’t turn up.”

“I was hugely disappointed by those gestures and having re-looked at them this week I think I’m right and I think everyone will see why I’m complaining.”

“That was the feeling by the gestures. It was an open arms and a cross-over of arms as if that was it.”

“The game is hard enough as it is without a fellow manager trying to do, what seemed to be, an undermining gesture.”


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SA has lost his mind. Being the loser with clearly an inferiority complex, he is now a crying baby too. Went for a drink with his ‘friend’ SAF instead after the game and decide both should come out with this @#$@ the day after the Hillsborough memorial. Rafa, do not respond to these comments. Show your class. They are trying to stir things up. Focus on the job. Our 19th title!!

Comment by extrafattyliver

Big Sam thinks someone actually cares what he’s got to say. He’s a second rate manager, who is jumping on the bandwagon with his only friend in the world Ferguson. Sam is always in the papers talking about Benitez and disrespecting, so this article is very funny really.

Comment by Lee

It does seem to be clutching at straws.

Comment by lfctalk

I’ve watched the clip as mentioned. I don’t think RB meant as what SA was thinking..coz RB knows exactly it’s not over till it’s over. Which means RB believe to score 2 goals in the first half doesn’t mean we’re winner…so i don’t know where did SA get this whole idea of RB being disrespectful to him. I don’t know if he starts the idea or Fergie. Coz they both get the same meaning from RB’s action. But i know that before this, SA has been more disrespectful of RB with his statement. As we know, RB never want to talk about other team, other people. But if people has been talking about him since his arrival, do u think his patience would stay neutral? i respect him coz he’s the coolest manager who don’t react near the field even if we win or lost. He dont jump of the seat when we score. He don’t cry or show his frustration when we lost. So, think urself.

Comment by Predscal

It was all inspired by Alex Ferguson I expect.

United will win the league, but they won’t have deserved it.

Comment by lfctalk

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