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Mourinho slams ’embarrassing’ Reds by lfctalk
March 8, 2009, 14:04
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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has slammed the efforts of Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal as “embarrassing” as he watches Manchester United stroll to an eighteenth league crown.

“Yes Manchester United are the best in England but you have to ask how good has The Premier League been since I left?,” the Portuguese said.

“United have won it with ease since I have gone because no manager has put together a team that can rival them.”

“They have a great squad but are their players really that much better than Chelsea’s or Liverpool’s? I don’t think so. So something else must be the problem and somebody has to take responsibility for that.”

“Chelsea have had no stability. Arsenal are nowhere and Liverpool threatened but I don’t think anybody really thought they were ever going to win it.”

“I would not allow a team of mine to be so far behind. It is embarrassing in early March.”


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Shut your mouth mourinho, your Inter are an embarrasment. You came to a team that has won it 3 years straight and are just adding a notch in the belt on top of being made a fool of by panathinaikos, atlanta, sampdoria, etc. Not simply losing but getting played off the park constantly. As a manager you have achieved nothing special, so stop patting yourself on the back, while you where in England the mancs/Liverpool did not have the same kind of squad and you were spending god knows how much money to be able to compete. BTW 7 points is not drastic, but I wouldn’t expect the man who only competes with clubs that ooze money to acknowledge any mathamatic knowledge so as not to seem like a moron, justifying that kind of spending.

Comment by Anfield1892

Hola Jose mourinho,
if you think by slamming the top four of epl will make you feel important…..your bitterness of been kicked out by Abramovich is still lingering in your mind. why not concentrate with inter for all that matter. if you can make inter win the champion league, then you will be a great manager of all times. you know, discussion with my Liverpool fans, we were thinking…how nice if you were call in to replace Banitez. but with your kind of charactor….i don’t think so. let’s play football! put politics aside

Comment by machitam

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