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New DIC bid on the way by lfctalk
September 3, 2008, 11:52
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As we reported yesterday afternoon, Sheikh Mohammed and his DIC group are set to return with a new £500m bid for the club, according to reports.

They are said to have retained their interest over the last year after watching Tom Hicks and George Gillett fail to secure the necessary funds to start building work on the club’s new stadium at Stanley Park.

These new reports claim that Mohammed is set to return with a £500m offer that would not only wipe out all debts at the club but also provide the required funds for the new stadium, give Rafael Benitez a boost in the transfer market and also see the American’s walk away with a profit on their ‘investment’.

After seeing a rival group from Abu Dhabi purchase Manchester City, DIC are said to be more urgent than ever before to buy the Anfield club to ensure their place in the top four, and subsequently the Champions League, is not taken by City.

The American owners have been heavily criticised by supporters for going back on early promises and also putting the club further into debt with several loans to refinance the club and to sign new players. The fresh DIC is set to test their resolve to remain at the club.


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This has to happen as i think it’s fair to say enough is enough. The yanks obviously have no respect whatsoever for our club, its glorious history, or its loyal fanbase, and are quite simply, nothing but greedy crooks. Its time they stopped dragging us down and moved on.

Comment by roders25

DIC aren’t the ideal people, in my view, in terms of the history and tradition of the club, but in this age of billionaires we have little choice…especially as our current owners are so far from what’s required.

Comment by lfctalk

sigh, tired of commenting…tom n jerry must f___ off…n take parry n moores with!!!

Comment by zoe

i wish the yanks would go back were they came from and let lfc move forward otherwise it will be the uefa cup next season for us and the loss of top players

Comment by paddy p

fuk off yanks

Comment by tt

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