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Bad relationship unlikely to improve soon by lfctalk
August 30, 2008, 14:35
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Both Rafael Benitez and Martin O’Neill have spoken of the frosty reception they are likely to give one-another on Sunday at Villa Park.

After a Summer long pursuit of Gareth Barry, that ultimately ended in failure, the Spanish coach will arrive in Birmingham on Sunday to face his opposite number, who was publicly scornful of the Reds approach for his ex-captain.

Benitez says he doesn’t have any issue with his opposite number, while the Irishman seemed to consider the ‘issue’ unimportant.

“Do I have a good relationship with him? I don’t think so,” said Benitez of O’Neill. “If I have to say hello, then I will say hello to him. I don’t have any problem.

“My concern is to see my team playing well on the pitch and if the other things can be good, then that’s good. But if not, I will stay concentrated on my team.

“I don’t know what the reaction will be from the Villa fans. But we were correct in what we did with the transfer.”

O’Neill also seems unlikely to make any attempt to patch-up differences.

“I don’t think it’s wildly important,” he said. “He’s got his own things to think about, his own team, while I’ve got mine. But I’m not ringing other managers up every single day, asking them how they are.

“I’m sure it won’t be a problem. I’m just so relieved Gareth Barry’s still here. This is not a triumphalist shout and I do not know what will happen in the future. I’m just so pleased he’s here at the football club for the foreseeable future.

“Three weeks ago I would have expected him to have gone. I was expecting Liverpool would come in and finally complete the deal. That’s what we all thought.

“I just feel relief because he’d have been hard to replace and, as each day ticked by, it would’ve got harder. In terms of relationships with other managers, I haven’t got a major problem. It happens in the game. It turned out in our favour, but no one turned it that way.”

All eyes will be on the pair at the start of the game on Sunday.


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cops is my dream team

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